Ask any medical doctor, dietitian or other nutritional professional and most will agree: nutrients derived from whole foods are superior to manufactured versions, even those claiming to be ‘natural’. That small percentage who disagree probably derive a portion of their gross income from the sale of manufactured nutrients.

While manufacturers of nutritional supplements have been able to duplicate molecules, they haven’t been able to duplicate delivering those molecules in the presence of other nutritional inputs to gain the maximum benefit. Only nature can do that, and She’s provided all we need in whole foods.

The diet of many Americans consists of a small part food with a large part food-like products, largely due to lack of time to prepare healthy meals from scratch. Our deteriorating health is testament to the quality of this diet. Whether a human eats food or food-like products; it’s a choice. Our dogs don’t have that choice. That’s not to say we haven’t gone out and bought the finest bagged or canned dog food on the market. But at the end of the day, commercial food is just a food-like product no matter what words and pictures appear on the label and the myriad of health problems experienced by our dogs is testament to the quality of this diet.

More research on the nutritional requirements of the dog is available today than ever before.  New research is being published every day. Combining that research with what has been known about whole foods all along is what The Barkista is about. Appropriate nutrient sources, targeted specifically for dogs, to meet the specific individual nutrient requirements, based on the most current data available.

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